Sign our open letter to let school leaders know families need afterschool programs.

Learn more about Afterschool

Decades of research show that afterschool programs inspire students to learn, help them do better in school, and prepare for college and career. Afterschool also keeps kids safe and helps parents keep their jobs.

Sign our open letter to let school leaders know families need afterschool programs.

Afterschool helps kids realize their full potential

Inspiring students to learn

Afterschool offers enriching activities—from coding and circuitry to producing stage plays and growing gardens—that spark interest in school and learning.

Students who participate in afterschool programs develop strong work habits, attend school more often, earn better grades, and are more likely to graduate. Teachers say students in afterschool programs show more interest in class, behave better, and are more likely to complete their homework.

Helping kids gain workforce skills

Through internships, mentoring programs, community projects, and other unique learning experiences, afterschool helps kids develop communication skills and learn how to lead, think critically, solve problems, and work in teams.

Afterschool programs offer kids to new opportunities to discover what they love to do, explore possible career paths, and gain the skills they need to land that first job.

Keeping kids safe and giving parents peace of mind

For many parents, afterschool is a lifeline that helps them work without worry and balance their schedule. These programs give parents peace of mind while they’re working because they know their kids are safe—online and offline—and engaged in fun learning opportunities.

Take Action Now

This year, many children will have a staggered, unpredictable school schedule with a mix of in-person and remote learning. Many families will need help managing remote school requirements while trying to keep up with the demands of work and family responsibilities.

Afterschool programs stand ready to help schools to ensure that kids have a safe place to learn every day and parents are able to work.

Urge your school to partner with afterschool programs. Together we can get our kids back to learning and parents back to work!

Sign our open letter to let schools and leaders know families need afterschool programs.