Sign our open letter to let school leaders know families need afterschool programs.

Sign our open letter to school leaders

The upcoming school year will be challenging for kids, families and schools. Afterschool programs can help, and we’re urging school leaders to include afterschool in their reopening plans. Please join us by adding your name to the letter below.

Dear School Leaders,

Thank you for your hard work supporting our children and school communities during this difficult time. We know you face great challenges in planning for reopening, and appreciate your efforts to help keep students and staff safe while supporting learning.

As moms, dads, grandparents and guardians, we too struggle with what may come ahead. We worry about our children’s health, education, and social and emotional well-being. We also worry about how our families will cope with possible limited days or times in school. Many of us cannot afford to be home with our children.

We need help, and schools need help.

We believe our afterschool programs and community organizations are an asset that we need to tap. These organizations have risen to the moment to help keep youth engaged and cared for during the pandemic, and have connected families with critical resources and information, from help with remote learning to meals and groceries.

We respectfully ask that you bring afterschool programs into your conversations about reopening schools. No matter which reopening model we follow, afterschool providers, from youth and community organizations to libraries to park and recreation departments, can help us all. Please, involve them now in your conversations so that they can better prepare to support our families and children.

Afterschool programs have been a lifeline for our families, keeping our kids safe while we work, and helping our children learn and grow. Let’s let them be part of the solution to this difficult crisis.

As a partner, afterschool programs can offer academic support to help kids catch up, provide staff who are focused on helping kids heal and reconnect, and keep our kids safe while parents work.

We all share deep concerns for our children. Please, let’s involve afterschool partners who may be able to provide the support that can help children emerge from this crisis hopeful, confident, and resilient.


Sign the letter to let school leaders know families need afterschool programs.

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