This is afterschool

Afterschool programs help kids learn, grow, and reach their full potential.

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More than 70%

of students in STEM afterschool programs express more interest in and knowledge about careers in science. They also build essential skills, such as perseverance and critical thinking.

After going to afterschool programs:

65% of students improve their homework completion and class participation.

Nearly 60% of students improve their behavior in class.

1 in 2

students improve their math and reading grades. 

Helping Kids Learn and Grow

Students in afterschool attend school more often, improve their grades and have higher graduation rates.

Inspiring Future Careers

In afterschool programs, kids learn by doing, explore potential careers and develop skills they need for the jobs of tomorrow.

Giving Parents Peace of Mind

Afterschool programs give parents peace of mind and help them keep their jobs because they know their kids are safe, learning and having fun.

Keeping Kids Safe

Families rely on afterschool programs to keep their kids safe and help them avoid risky behaviors when school lets out and juvenile crime peaks.


This is Afterschool

Afterschool programs inspire children and youth to learn, keep them safe, and give their families peace of mind. In afterschool, kids can engage in authentic hands on STEM learning, ignite passions for future careers, and learn to work with peers in a safe and supportive environment. This is afterschool.

Afterschool Inspires Future Careers

Kids’ afterschool experiences can help them discover who they are and what they love to do. In this video, a college-bound student explains how her afterschool program inspired a love of music and teaching.

Parents Rely on Afterschool Programs

Moms and dads rely on afterschool programs to keep kids safe and give them peace mind, allowing them to focus on work and provide for their families.

Afterschool Gets Kids Excited About Learning

Afterschool programs spark greater interest in school and get kids excited about learning. In this video, a high school student describes how his afterschool program helped him learn to love reading and ignite his passion for filmmaking.

Take Action Now

Nationwide, nearly 20 million families need afterschool programs. When kids have no place to go after school, they miss out on opportunities to learn, parents lose 8 days of work, and businesses lose $300 billion a year.