Sign this petition to let schools and leaders know families need afterschool programs.

Ask your principal to partner with an afterschool program

A sample email you can send to your child’s principal to request that your school partner with afterschool programs for reopening. You may use the exact template below or adapt the language to explain why afterschool matters to your family.

Email Template:

Principal [NAME],

My child attends [NAME OF SCHOOL] and I’m writing with concerns about the fall schedule. A staggered, disrupted or remote learning schedule creates overwhelming challenges for my child and our family.

I urge you to make afterschool programs part of our school’s reopening plans. My family, like many others, needs options to ensure that our children have a safe place to learn every day and parents are able to work.

Partnering with afterschool programs will help meet the immediate needs of our students and families--that includes academic support to help students catch up, staff who are focused on helping kids heal and reconnect, and consistent care for kids whose parents must return to work.

I understand that reopening school for the fall presents challenges and urge you to consider working with afterschool programs. We need them to help our kids recover from this period of loss, and without them many parents will not be able to return to work.